21 May 2010

Favourite Links Friday - 21 May 2010

Today I am taking a break from writing my own post and extending some love to fellow bloggers who have moved me this week with their pictures and words. Take a few minutes to read their posts and explore their blogs, you will be blessed.

Megan of Velveteen Mind wrote Before The Oil Comes
Alece of Grit and Glory wrote Twenty-seven: Letters that spell hope
Billy Coffey wrote.. well.. everything Billy wrote
Duane Scott wrote Slowly Learning to See
Laura of The Wellspring wrote Stealing Time
Dianne of Everything Else Thrown In wrote Tears of Crystal

I'm linking up with Kevin Martineau at Shooting the Breeze, come see what links blessed others this week and check out Kevin's writing while you're there.


Elizabeth Dianne said...

Oh, bless you sweet Karin. I am humbled and honored to be included in your list. Hope your weekend is a great one.

I will be sure to check out the other blogs. Thank you.

Duane Scott said...

Thanks so much!!! :) I didn't see this post until now!