15 May 2010

Anniversary Getaway

To celebrate the first ten years of our marriage last Sunday, Rick booked a late dinner reservation and a fireplace room at a resort in our nearby National Park.

As we cuddled before the fire we shared memories of both high and low points along the road we have travelled, thanking and praising God for all He has done. Our reminiscing drew us closer to Him and to each other, cementing our union with love.

As a gift for Rick I prepared a scrapbook with a few pictures and many clips from poetry and prose I have written to and for him. The words are as true today as when I first committed them to paper.

May our passion increase
and our love never cease
as we move through a symphony
made just for us
by the great orchestrator
Who dwells up above.

In the love of the Father
the love of the Son
the love of the Spirit
our romance was spun.

I have never felt so safe
I have never felt so free
as I feel in those moments
when you are holding me.

And I will vow to love you
again with each new day
and when I falter in my steps
let Jesus show the way.


WhiteStone said...

What a happy and blessed anniversary. God is Good!

caryjo said...

Those special times together bring such blessing. I'm happy for you and Rick.

Dave and I are celebrating our 25th DATING anniversary on the 19th and wedding in September.

[BTW, we celebrated our 10th anniversary at a Lake Vic hotel in Entebbe... something I never would have anticipated in my whole life, yet, the Lord provided that amazing experience.]