31 October 2011

November madness

The last hours of October are passing quickly, with cloudy skies and temperatures well above normal.

It doesn't feel at all like October 31st.

But indeed, tomorrow is the first day of November.  Though it seems as if only weeks or months have passed since National Novel Writing Month 2010 wrapped up, I will wake tomorrow to begin afresh for 2011.

Again I ask for your patience, your grace and your prayers.  I may not be present here on my blog quite as often as I settle into the imposed (and much needed) discipline of daily fiction writing.

I am surrendering myself into the hands of the Lord, once again permitting Him to supply the stories and the words, in His way for His purposes.

I pray that He will be glorified in what gets accomplished.



David Rupert said...

I can hardly wait to see what comes out of this month! Write on sister!

David Rupert said...
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