20 October 2011

In His heart

My heart can't be trusted
it sees through eyes
by memories, hurt
missed opportunities
coated with layers
of dust, the grime
of a world fallen
sinking, struggling
for breath

through a window
fogged with history
word upon word
labels collected
and believed

useless, defective
each a jagged shard
leaving cuts, scars
draining life, joy

Yet the honey
of His voice
the One
Who created all
knowing the end
before the beginning
beckons me
come, look
there in His heart
to see
what He sees
one bright, shining
covered in the blood
of His Son


jamming with Bonnie as she asks Complete this sentence & share your thoughts: “In God’s Heart, I am (fill in).“

joining Emily and those imperfect only in their own eyes


Lisa notes... said...

I like the word you chose: complete. You're so right that when we look in our hearts, we can't trust what we see. Seeing in a mirror dimly, but one day face to face.

Laura @ Beholding Glory said...

I found you through Internet Cafe and want to invite you to link up for Brag on God Friday. Seems right up your alley.

Mommy Emily said...

your relationship with Christ is so evident in your words, the closeness you feel with him... i long for this. thank you for sharing it with us. and for praying for my MIL. the surgery went very well, and the cancer was resigned to the breast. blessings, e.

Connie said...

"My heart can't be trusted
it sees through eyes
clouded" ...amen. Your picture is such a lovely illustration for the truths you share...beautiful.

Nikole Hahn said...

Beautiful. Haunting. Sigh. :o)

Unknown said...

The contrast of those labels to the "honey of His voice" and all He truly sees in me is such a release. Thank You for showing me how truly complete I am in Him. Even more, for being so open.

Shelby said...