10 October 2011

What do we do - relentless love

Stop SignImage by ladybeames via Flickr

What do we do
with a love so vast
we cannot see its edges?

What do we do
with passion
hot enough to consume all?

What do we do
with tenderness, forgiveness
endless patience?

What do we do
with love that pursues
that heeds no stop signs?

What do we do
with love we can’t conceive
or really believe?

What then
would He have us do
with His relentless love?

Receive it.

Live it.

Give it away.

For our God [is indeed] a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12:29 Amplified

Sharing with the other warriors at Jason's place - on relentless love

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Anonymous said...

Yes and amen. I feel the stirring of His heart as I read this, Karin. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings to you in Jesus' name!

Elizabeth Young said...

Awesome Karen, you were profoundly moved on to write this piece. Thank you for sharing here.