29 December 2010

Life thrives

At first glance, our yard is quiet, empty in winter's depth.
Flowers are but a memory and a promise to come. 

The cat stays in the barn, finding warmth in the stacks of straw bales in the loft.

At first glance, one wouldn't think to linger in the chill of the day.

Yet our God is the Master of surprises and hidden delight.

Stop, watch and wait He teaches me.

I hear the snapping of twigs as snow falls softly from disturbed branches.

A downy woodpecker finds momentary rest and again there is reason to praise.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little downy! Made me smile. :-)

Unknown said...

I like those little guys...we have one living close by as well!

Anonymous said...

In all seasons, life has a way of thriving if we'll pay attention to it. Great stuff, Karin. Thanks.