10 December 2010

Sunrise in 55

Layers of colour
hues brilliant, bright
against fresh snow
greeting day
in wave after wave of glory.

fumbling for the camera
to capture more
than my heart can hold
what no man would have
could have

Light overcomes
darkness, slumber
chases away shadows
creating space
for wonder, awe
truth beyond these skies.

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Maude Lynn said...

This is lovely!

Beth Herring said...

so beautiful! i always enjoy your poems.

G-Man said...

What a fantastic Poem and post!
I Loved your 55!.
Beautiful picture, beautiful Words.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Mommy Emily said...

you create a space for wonder here, dear friend. i'm so glad you linked. i missed you! :) (btw, this is the last imperfect prose until the new year. merry christmas!)