07 December 2010

His Fire - His light

I sat this morning in the moments before sunrise, journal in hand, asking the Lord to share His heart.

I send you into the world as light -
go then as light
a light that shines differently than the world.
Carry My unquenchable fire
that burns not for its own benefit
but for the glory of the One Who ignited you
and I Am the fuel
and I Am the spark
and I Am the wind that fans the flames

It is not the object consumed but the fire that is revealed.

Can you, My people, step far enough into the background to allow the flames and the light to receive all the glory?

For indeed I am a consuming fire and My glory rises among the ashes.


Unknown said...

wow, that is so beautiful, and for me, a timely reminder of my place. Blessings to you Karin.

Melissa Campbell said...

Our God is an all consuming fire...may our lives be a sweet offering. Blessings.