03 December 2010

Window Views - White

Snow is falling again today, soft but constant, adding a stillness to this First Week of Advent - a week of preparation.  Journaling this morning I asked the Lord what more He wants me to do to remember His coming and ready myself for His return:

Continue to turn -
Turn away from the things of the world
turn to Me
with all your heart
all your mind
all your strength.
Turn away from darkness
and turn into the light.
Turn away from endless noise and chatter
turn to My silence - My peace.
Turn away from artifice
turn to what is real
not the wrappings
but the gift.
Turn away from the wide road
and turn to the narrow path.

And indeed you will be ready and there will be great joy on our communion as I welcome you as you have welcomed Me.

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Cassandra Frear said...

I love the quiet of snow. The hush it brings over us. There is something sacred in it.

Unknown said...

No snow here in NY yet but I love the the beauty in your thoughts and it did put a hush on my spirit. Thanks!

Donna said...

Thank you for this glimpse into your window. Makes me want to be still and listen for what I will hear for this season of Advent