24 December 2010

Waiting in faith

As I sat in quiet stillness this Christmas Eve morning, this is what the Lord chose to share with me:

Behold - I Am coming.
As you celebrate My birth, My first coming to you
rest in the peace of knowing
I will yet come again
and the joy of My first birth
shall be eclipsed by My returning.

While you live in the hope of My promise
do not be afraid.

When things do not happen according to your plans - do not presume to think that My plans have been thwarted.

Am I not big enough to overcome any obstacles your mind can conceive to accomplish My purposes?

So rest, little one, in faith, in hope and in the peace that only I provide.

And I, humbled by His great love, can only stumble over a simple prayer.

Come, Lord Jesus. 

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!  Revelation 22:20 NKJV

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