30 September 2010

Lost & Found

Lost and found.

The sound of it recalls
a box of items upon a shelf
that others have left behind,

Do the owners know that the items are missing?
Would they know where to look?

More than two years ago, on the 20th of September 2008, this was part of what I posted in a blog about abiding in Christ:

I have known there must be less of me and more of Him, but I have learned there must be none of me and ALL of Him! I cannot fully abide in Christ until there is no me, no self left at all. Then all that I am is all that He Is. Is this possible? To my natural mind it seems impossible to die to myself completely, it is not a natural act or process however, it is supernatural and can only be possible because of the Holy Spirit that indwells and guides me. My natural man fears death of self while my spirit man hungers for the same, to be totally lost and then totally found in Jesus.
This then, is the losing and the finding I have been seeking. I cannot strive toward it, this releasing of all that my "self" struggles to hold. Had I known how fierce would be the battle would I have dared begin?

Totally lost, totally found, totally His.
To exist as a reflection of His glory and His love.
There is no harder task.
There is no higher call.

In knowing I can not
I take the first step toward possibility.

This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. John 15:8 NIV

I am linking twice today!
to Bonnie's Faith Barista Jam about discovering God's purpose for our lives

and to Emily's at In The Hush of the Moon where we share our imperfect words


katdish said...

Beautiful, Karin. We must begin somewhere.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Oh my oh my - that is so frightening! I think I prayed something similar several years back and with all the craziness in my life I can't help but second-guess my wisdom in such a statement of dedication. I mean, I know it's right, but still doubt, you know?

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog last week - it meant the world, and it's always lovely to find a fellow someone de coraçāo brasileiro

jasonS said...

Amazing perspective and truth here, Karin. Thank you.

Lisa notes... said...

It is a scary thing, but you speak of it so poetically and so full of faith. May we all be strengthened by the courage you write about.

Anonymous said...

Faith is never imperfect ! The word itself is a perfect answer to every of our doubts .. Good one !

Nicole said...

WOW! I love how you put that! Yes that is the hardest part, dying to ourself, totally giving and living for Him!

I have an award for you over at Coming Alive in Christ Have a great weekend!

Bonnie Gray said...

I think you expressed beautifully the tension and also the release of giving up ourselves to God. I love how you keep leaning into it, even if it is anti-intiutive. What an encouragement to continue in that process of dying, for what it will give us! Thanks for jamming w/ another beautiful post from the heart, Karin!

Carrie Burtt said...

Your heart and your beautiful posts are such an inspiration to me...to exhist as a reflection of His glory...you do that more than you realize. Thank you for sharing this with us. :-)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Praise God that all things "are" possible with Him. Like you wrote, His sprit indwelling in us makes it possible.

Your heart is so beautifully expressed in these words.

Lyla Lindquist said...

It's a crazy thing, this becoming less so He becomes greater. The more we try to be less, the more we end up making much of ourselves!

Seems like it all keeps coming back to pointing to Him, pointing to Him, pointing to Him. As we do that, He's reflected in His greatness and we just fade back.

Wish that were as easy as it is simple... Great reflection on this hard thing.

emily wierenga said...

karin... you blow me away with your sincerity and your heart. you humble me, too. and bring me low, to the throne of Christ, for i want this, and yet, i seem to always want me MORE. sigh. let's pray for each other in this, friend. a beautiful post. thank you so much for linking, friend. xo

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