09 September 2010

Imperfect Prose - Desperate

I have heard it said many times
that God needs us desperate
for only in our desperation
do we truly recognize our need
our total dependence on Him.

We seem to never even come close
for as we begin to grow uncomfortable – we act.
We move, shift, change something.
We do what we can
in our own power
to make things feel better.

The gnawing ache, unreachable itch
is held at bay, again.

And we can breathe.
But we’re not
His breath
just our own.

Stop by Emily's In the Hush of the Moon to read more imperfect prose.


Carrie Burtt said...

These beautiful words are so true...i needed to read this.
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely message...:-)

Sandra Heska King said...

We're not inhaling His breath
just our own.

That made me catch my breath.

herbhalstead said...

wow - blows me away...

"The gnawing ache, unreachable itch
is held at bay, again."

"But we’re not inhaling His breath just our own"

ouch ouch ouch ouch

Michael Perkins said...

The last line brought tears to my eye.

Brian Miller said...

oh excellent close and so true...doesnt take a whole lot of faith and often leaves us worse off than we were...

ha. word verification: reside

Bev said...

how true this is...thank you for such beautiful perspective...

jasonS said...

So sad how many times I must have been close to a breakthrough and instead of dying all the way so resurrection could take hold, I settled for resuscitation and more of my breath... Breathe on me, Breath of God! Thanks Karin.

Nancy said...

So true--it seems I never even come close to desperate before trying to grab control. Perfect ending.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, ouch indeed!

Oh, Lord, help us to recognize that when we open the Word of God it is YOUR breath that we are inhaling! You are King!

Jo Princess Warrior said...

This poem is amazing. Wow! Just wow! Loved it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think a trip to Uganda (as you have done) would be life changing.) I don't feel called to go to Uganda, but I do feel that I need to spread the word, because like me, there would be so many who have no idea what went on there and is happening now. May we all play our part in helping this country and it's children rebuild their lives.xo

emily wierenga said...

oh... ouch. i needed this so badly but it hurt, because... i fail. oh friend, thank you. what a beautiful link. xo

alittlebitograce said...

this puts this past year's journey in such a different light. God asked us to stay in a difficult situation, one that hasn't resolved as the months passed. i've questioned why, wondering if God just likes to torture me, if He laughs my obedience and the sometimes unpleasant results. but perhaps this staying wasn't for God's viewing pleasure, but instead so that I would learn to breathe His breath, not my own.
thank you for your beautiful words.

Connie Mace said...

oh to only breathe The Breath of Heaven...thank you for reminding me to wait on Him...

That Crazy Family said...

Such wonderful convicting words you spill from your pen! Lovely!

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