23 September 2010

Pleasantly disturbed, random Thursday

A typical block heater cord.Image via Wikipedia
Frost.. have you ever really noticed the layer of white that coats a chilly morning? Oh, I suppose most of you aren't even thinking about that yet, but it's already that cold up here.. yes, that cold.

Yet I chose this life here on the Canadian prairie, where Summer seems to be gone as quickly as it appears, and even in its harshness I find God's peace. When all is frozen and still I have no choice but to slow down, and there I can focus in on Him, the only thing of true importance.

Will it soon be time to plug in the vehicles? Yes, I said plug in, and no, we don't have electric automobiles. I remember being quite confused when Rick first mentioned that he had plugged in his car. Back home in Chicago, if someone was concerned about low temps they would remove the car battery and bring it inside to stay warm. Here, the cars are made with something called a block heater that keeps the oil warm enough to flow. That's what gets plugged in, and I am now quite used to seeing parking lots with little poles and outlets for each space. I'm sure it is hard for many of you to imagine, but when we have long spells of days hovering around 40 below it all begins to make sense.

But I'm running too far ahead of things. Yes, there was frost again this morning, but God may yet surprise us with a warm and sunny October. One year, that was our Summer, warmer then July and August. He does have a snarky sense of humour at times, must be where we got it from, eh?

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Duane Scott said...

We have to plug in our car too. It's part of living in the North. :) But we don't have parking spaces full of outlets. that's hilarious!

Helen said...

Yeah, being in Chicago, we don't do that, but thanks for explaining it here. I read a mystery book series that takes place in Minnesota, and get confused when narrator mentions that our heroine plugged in her car.

jasonS said...

Sheesh! 40 below! A lot of people assume that's what we have here in Juneau because we live in Alaska (of course, some assume it's that way all year round). We live close to the ocean so it stays more temperate and averages around 10 degrees in the coldest part of winter.

Sorry, I got distracted by all that. Nice post, Karin! :)

gretchen g. said...

Life on the prairie with plug-in's! Wondered how things worked up there in that cold.Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

What on earth???? Oh thank God for Texas. :D

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