27 September 2010

Talking Marriage at Internet Cafe Devotions

Do you have sore spots on your tongue from biting down too hard? I’m not referring to those painful mistakes when you’re chewing a meal. I’m talking about the moments when you have to fight the impulse to release words that are better left unsaid.?

Do you and your husband often misinterperet what each other are saying? For example:

Susan: Hon, I’m about ready to put dinner on the table, and I need a serving plate.
Tom: I’ll get one off the shelf.
Susan: What? Get it myself? Can’t you ever help around the house?

Stop by The Marriage Counter at Internet Cafe Devotions where I'm pouring some fresh and hot advice about taming our tongues.

1 comment:

Bev said...

sounds more like a hearing problem! lol! i totally get what you are talking about...38 years with my hubby and we have our moments...!

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