10 September 2010

Window Views - Rain Sun Rain

No photos of today. A stiff and sore lower back has restricted movement so I have no digital capture.

The view from our windows has shifted from cloud to sun and back again. Trees dance in the wind scattering their leaves. The vegetable garden is stripped of all but carrots and potatoes, those safe and protected underground. The frost warning that came mid-week prompted Rick to harvest anything that might be lost to the cold.

But the flowers bloom on, pinks and purples vibrant against a sky grown grey.

Yesterday as I was journaling the Lord told me:

This, this is transformation, when in your yieldedness I can have My way - accomplishing My purposes - far beyond anything you've dreamed - more than you could ever do on your own.

Why? Yes, little one, yes - for the glory of My name.
Flowers bloom to the glory of the roots that feed them.

So too will your light and life and beauty be for My glory.

It is time to soak up the colours, store away memories much the same way we preserve our fruits and vegetables. Summer will indeed come again... but today, I feel the heart of winter in the wind.

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Michael Perkins said...

Flowers bloom to the glory of the roots that feed them.

That is awesome!

Cassandra Frear said...

Frost already? Then, I thought, "Canada! Of course!"

I saw an unusual bird yesterday. Probably migrating. Ah, the seasons turn. Capture it!

Wish I could put the golden autumn in a jar and pour some over me in January.

Sandra Heska King said...


Stripping time. Transformation time.

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