02 September 2010

Imperfect Prose - Power source

Electricity Pylon, crossing linesImage via Wikipedia The answering machine played back a message yesterday to inform me that our electrical service would be off from nine this morning till one this afternoon.

Actually, the wording was
"You will be without power"
and I thought you're missing truth
for my power, true power
doesn't flow from a hydro-electric station
and if I don't plug in
to my true Source
all the electricty in Canada
will not energize me.

I am filled.
I am fully charged.
I am His.

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herbhalstead said...

I love it when something totally mundane (power outage) brings God's holiness to mind.

Sandra Heska King said...

Short. Sweet. Perfect.

Power up.

Brian Miller said...

nice. keep those lights burning...

Natalie said...

Womderful! Amen!!!

joanny said...

electrifying energizing , prose.


B. Meandering said...

So wonderful that you had that thought rather than despair.
Great inspiration to us.

emily wierenga said...

i have shivers from this... you speak bold truth here. i love how you saw God in that moment, how you captured it for us. thank you so much, friend. xo

Duane Scott said...

I love this. It's so true. :)

Dusty Rayburn said...

Nothing like our power source.


jasonS said...

Simple and profound! Thanks Karin. We are never without power when we are connected to Him. Blessings...

Southern Gal said...

So true.

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