08 September 2010

Pour me out

Pour me out
in worship, prayers
making space
in me
for You

Open my eyes to see
how little of You
I permit
to fill
what I cherish
as mine
as if I have a right
to call myself
my own

Pour me out
the hunger
for what can not
self serving darkness
feeds upon flesh
that crawls
from the altar
refusing once again
the death You desire

The place named
still waits
to be found.

I'm linking up for the first time to One Shot Wednesday. Stop by One Stop Poetry to read more words from others.


Catt said...

Interesting structure. It works; I like it. Lovely yet sad ending.

Leo said...

Catt took the words right outta my mouth. wanted to say the same.. the structure was very nice.. words to match.. sort of melancholic ending , but that works too! :D

My One Shot

jasonS said...

I love it, Karin. Thanks for the challenge.

Brian Miller said...

nice. your closing lines wrap this up wonderfully...i too like the structure of this and the vividness of the sacrifice crawling off the altar....nice one shot.

herbhalstead said...


"Open my eyes to see
how little of You
I permit
to fill
what I cherish
as mine
as if I have a right
to call myself
my own"

who let you into my head?

good stuff

Glynn said...

Being poured -- self is allowed to drain away. It's a beautiful prayer.

Beachanny said...

This felt like a prayer, of sorts, to me as well but at the end it turned as prayers sometimes do to a sort of universal question, a probe into the unknown. Carefully crafted. Thank you. Gay (@beachanny)

KB said...

Wonderful write.

dustus said...

Very emotional and reads like a prayer.

Bill Cook said...

Rich exploration and expression of that hunger for what is more. Veery prayerful.Thank you. - bill

signed...bkm said...

Pour me out....I love the title...pour me out...and let God step in...and we will never be empty....blessings...bkm

JC Dude said...

Beautiful psalm...and prayer.

Eric Alder said...

Nice One Shot! Glad you joined in!

Teresa said...

Very nicely done. I found this almost tragic in its self-deprecating nature.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

That battle with the flesh so vividly portrayed.

thank you for sharing with One Shot

Moon smiles

Anonymous said...

A perfect prayer..........

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