29 June 2011

Finches free

Finches small
golden, purple,brown
gather and scatter
never lingering
long enough
for me to truly gaze upon
I imagine the lightness
of their landing
as if I could
hold out a hand
as a perch
a temporary home

for once I too
my ability
to fly
find the wind
whispering always
the song of goodbye
never knowing
I was captive
to my freedom

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Anonymous said...

Delightful, and so perfect for the spirit of summer, and of finches. :)

Alida Sharp said...

Beautiful...you have a gift with words.

Brian Miller said...

captive to my freedom...you leave us with a wonderful image and much to think on....nice...

Glynn said...

I love this poem, Karin - so simple, so deep.

ayala said...

Beautiful !

Jerry said...

Captive to my freedom...hmmm, got me a thinkin'

Duane Scott said...

Love it. :)

And we have tons of finches. :)

Alyssa said...

beautiful :)

Mommy Emily said...

ooh i love "captive to my freedom"... so beautiful, friend.

moondustwriter said...

"Captive to my Freedom"
a great statement
that makes the reader ponder and pause

Thanks for the One Stop support my friend
- smiles for ya