15 June 2011

Cataloging Green

green is life
green borders the road
that takes me home
green shoulders the paths
God sets before me
green marks the way down
to winding waters
green as fresh
as cucumbers first crisp bites
green a soft resting place
for a weary head
green are the fields that nourish
providing food, play, peace
green the background
where colours burst wild

green lush
green lives
green loves
refreshing, renewing
the promise of green yet to come
I pass through days

We're cataloging colour at TweetSpeak Poetry and the High Calling Focus.  Stop by to read how colour has invaded the words of poets words and the camera lenses of artists today!


L.L. Barkat said...

I love all this green. It makes me ache for the fields :)

Matt said...

Sitting here in an office, that made me wish to be out and about. Good stuff!

Unknown said...

Yes, this makes me fall in love with green! My photos did not turn out so good for photoplay, so I am not playing along this time (pouting). But yours are so lovely.

Maureen said...

So inviting.

Ann Kroeker said...

I couldn't make the deadline, but I thought about green as I went about my day and thought it would be my color-of-choice for the project. :)

Summer is my favorite season. So green.

Sandra Heska King said...

Beautiful words. Gorgeous green. That baseball diamond calls my name. ;)

Kelly Sauer said...

This is ever so restful - I love your poem!