04 June 2011

Frivolity of flowers

Corn and squash Summer 2005
Yesterday, after work, in the midst and mist of storm clouds and drizzle, Rick made long trenches and buried seed potatoes in the dirt, the last planting of this year's vegetable garden.  It is a time to rejoice in what has been accomplished, a time to pray and commit the harvest to the Lord.  What grows here will feed not only us for the year ahead but more than enough to share with others.  The vegetable garden is serious and practical as it nourishes our bodies. 

Now that the work of seeding is done, it is time to move on to the frivolity of flowers.  Shapes and sizes and colours that spill joy and beauty around our home.  These nourish the spirit and cheer the heart.  They are no less important in reflecting His glory.

This years flowers waiting to be planted
Pray with me that the weather will at last cooperate and we will be able to give all of these that are waiting homes; in flowers beds, planters and hanging baskets.  May they turn their heads to the sun, prosper, grow and shout out praise to the One Who designs all.


Pat Hatt said...

Yes it be very nice
If the rain would suffice
And the flowers could bloom
To the bright sun and not doom and gloom
But I'm sure in a month or two there will be a drought
And the opposite is what everyone will spout

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

I am looking wide-eyed in wonder at that beautiful garden! I am -- at last -- committed to growing a garden this summer. I hope that I do well enough so that I can share the harvest, as you have done. God bless!