05 March 2011

Changing view

What has become familiar and dear, even in the bleak days of winter shall once again be left behind for a brief time as we swap country acres for urban sprawl.

Much of our time will be taken with the opportunity to commune with my mother.  We will share food, laughter, memories and tears, taking what we have to create what we need.

I will find my way here when I can, to pour forth the words He gives me and to catch up on those you share.

The blessing of a life lived online is that connections hold no matter where our bodies may abide!

If you feel so led, your prayers will be cherished.


Sandra Heska King said...

I feel led. Praying for traveling mercies and sweet communion.


OH MY! My word verification is "bless."

Bless you.

Shelby and Bev said...

i pray the time with your mother is sweet...god bless you my friend, and go easy.