08 February 2011

Sounds of the wind

A long low
wail, this prairie

The aching wind
cries, a heart
splintered like ice.

a spirit uplifted
in praise.

all we thought
we understood
leaving behind
fresh, free air.

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Chris G. said...

Hmm. The piece for me sings of a rebirth (embodied in the final stanza), and well-utilizes the nature visuals in building to that end. Interesting piece - only question is, is there a particular reason the first word and/or letter of each line is differently colored and set apart from the rest? Doesn't detract or anything. Just curious.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. a delightful piece...40 mph winds here today so i have been listening to it and it about picked me clean on my walk...but air so fresh....

Shashi said...

I liked it very much.. I can relate to it very much... Thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

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