04 February 2011

Release to receive

Catching the sunImage by ~dgies via Flickr

I was blessed again this morning to sit quietly, pen in hand, asking the Lord what He wished to share.

You are still holding on to what you think you know.  Until you release your own understanding there is no room for Me to pour in My wisdom.

You pray for revelation and then try to fit it into your old patterns, accepting or rejecting based on your own wisdom.

But just as My thoughts are higher than yours, there are things that can only be received by your spirit.

Can you allow My touch to bypass logic?

I Am asking you to simply let go.

Loosen your grip and release, release whatever you hold that keeps you from receiving more of Me.

And I Will shower down over you like the new Spring rains.

And I Will water your thirsty soul.

And I Will fill you up and pour you out, only to fill you again.

And I Will cause My light to saturate every part of you so that you shine.

Have you truly allowed yourself to be chosen?

Have you truly believed My love?

Release and receive.

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Bev said...

again, god is speaking to me through you! LOL! seriously, just about every time i visit here, what you have written is what i need spiritually...
so, thank you for being a conduit...

Alida said...

Longing for His touch to bypass my logic!

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