09 February 2011

God knew this weeks topic

I finished reading Richard Stearns Hole In Our Gospel quite a long while ago and wasn’t at all sure what chapter we would be discussing today nor had I looked at the book or posts from others who have joined in these discussions.

Imagine then, my delighted surprise to find that what God spoke this morning in my journaling time was on point, to the topic at hand. Glorious, amazing, all knowing God!

More and more I hear My people trying to discern the times and seasons. This is good, for even I told My followers to have open eyes and ears. But to what end?

Is it merely to show your ability to solve puzzles and answer riddles and sort events to match prophecy?

Or does it spur you on, compelling you to action?

You can not say you know Me and love Me if your thoughts are only of yourself, for My thoughts were always for the broken, the weak, the lost and despised.

I Am the answer to all of their needs –

In the way I touch their their spirits and heal their hearts by My Holy Spirit and ….

In the way I work through My people, moving them to care for the physical needs of those who cannot help themselves.

Don’t say to Me that you do not have enough, instead offer what you do have, recalling the loaves and fishes. For I can take what you give willingly to create the miracle of sufficiency.

Yes, I feed the hungry, house the homeless and clothe the cold and naked – through you!

Yes, time is short. What are you doing?

I am left then, with this question – will I be the hands and feet of Jesus? Can I set aside fears of my own inadequacy and offer myself, trusting that He will provide whatever I might need to finish the work He requires?

Stop by Jason’s Connecting to Impact where this weeks discussion is Chapter 24 How Many Loaves Do You Have?


Anonymous said...

That's a good word, Karin. Discerning times and seasons is great, but if we're not seeking Him in the process we devolve into fear instead of watching Him with hope. Our mission to reach and show His compassion doesn't change no matter what the season. Wonderful--thank you.

Sandra Heska King said...

I Am. The answer to and shelter in every time and every season.

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