01 February 2011

Not forgotten

I would have expected
vacant eyes
hollow, sadness deep
not these smiles
glow of belonging
even sparkling joy.

For even as the world
has neglected, abandoned
discarded such as these
the love
of the Father
compels a precious few
to action.

Where once there was
no home, no name
there is shelter, peace
a family
created, united
by His hand alone.

Aliens to the world.

Citizens of heaven
even here on earth.

While part of a global build team for Watoto Childcare Ministries in Kampala, Uganda we spent time with children who were preparing to go out on tour with the choir. They were learning a new song with words that clawed at my heart as they proved the everlasting goodness of our God:

“I am not forgotten, I am not forgotten, I am not forgotten, God knows my name.”

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dustus said...

I admire your commitment to help children, as well as how you express that in your poem.

Brian Miller said...

how cool to be able to spend time with them...aliens to the world, citizens of heaven...love that. nice one shot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! I know it's heartbreaking at times too, but like you said, there is so much joy. Thanks Karin.

Monica Sharman said...

SO awesome! Especially that "glow of belonging"!

A Simple Country Girl said...

Although their joy is a wonder to me, it is not a mystery to God!

I have not been to Uganda (actually, I've never even been on an airplane), but bits of my heart live there. I see you got to touch some of it.


David K Wheeler said...

I especially like the contrast of "vacant eyes" and "smiles / glow." Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

If there's hope anywhere, it's in a child's eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Heather Grace Stewart said...

I love your thoughts expressed here, and what a wonderful thing you're doing, helping these children.
I give half the proceeds from my poetry book sales to Unicef's Gift of Education fund. Have sponsored three children's educations so far. Our words really do have a lot of power, in more ways than we can ever know.
Keep on keepin' on.

kenny said...


Claudia said...

so good they are not forgotten - they look happy

Steve Isaak said...

Nice, upbeat poem. Glad to see someone putting their faith into action, instead of just flapping their fat American jowls to condemn that which they don't understand - nor make any effort whatsoever to do so.

Effective, spare use of imagery - flow, line breaks are effective 7 spare.

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