15 February 2011


Chord C

A heart once bound
wrapped with cords
soul to soul connections
never prompted
by the Father
is breaking free.

Each string
as it snaps, tears
calls out in wails unique
a song discordant
too long overdue.

Tie me then
only to You
pull the strings
direct my steps
and let this heart
all at once
not in pain
but words of praise
and glorious love.

Draw me still
and yet again
with each gentle tug
till all I am
is all You Are
hearts united
now restrung.

Linking up at Jason's Connecting to Impact where the Warriors are writing about heartstrings

and joining others at One Stop Poetry for this weeks One Shot.


Gerry/Strummed Words said...

Musically lovely.

Anonymous said...

"Draw me still and yet again closer"
In true love, as God intends, it feels like one can never be "close" enough! You captured that sentiment beautifully. Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Lyrical and beautiful. Thank you, Karin.

Brian Miller said...

having heard a string or two break in my day...it is a powerful image...and the restringing bringing the instrument back to life as well...

Anonymous said...

Tje strum of the heart possibly the most powerful music there is. Thanks for sharing x

Shashi said...

Very melodious and lovely... thanks for sharing a wonderful post...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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