23 February 2011

Dancing with my mustard seed

Ruth St. Denis in Scherzo Waltz. The encore wa...Image by New York Public Library via Flickr

We've reached the end of our time exploring Richard Stearn's The Hole In Our Gospel with Chapter 26, A Mountain of Mustard Seeds.

Have I the faith to believe that anything I could do might impact the lives of others in need?  Faith as small as a mustard seed?

Richard leaves us with the voice of the Lord, quiet, almost a whisper: 
You, Me, let's go.  We have work to do, and it's urgent.  Join Me...
And my heart says "yes"
my heart says "when?"
my heart says "where?"
but my heart does not say "how?"
because it knows
that anything that I can do
is only because of the One Who lives in me

It is time for my ears to hear
It is time for my eyes to see
and if you can't see my vision
if you can't hear my music
than dance to the tune He plays for you

I may do a slow waltz today
and a samba tomorrow
a jig or a mad break
to a funky beat
but know that I am listening
with eyes wide open
fixed on His glory.

Joining Sarah and Jason HERE for this final week of discussion and praying that we all have been changed.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. we need those ears to hear and feet to go...i like the shift to dancing as well...i am a dancer, not very good but, i cant sit still when the worship starts on sunday...or well anyday...i think about that guy too that goes around the world doing the happy dance and posting the video on you tube...perhaps as we dance others will see the joy...and have faith and together our mustard seeds will move mountains...

Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep dancing. I'm not a great dancer, but I'll be dancing with you. :) Thanks Karin.

Rhymetime(aka Pat) said...

This cat can't dance a lick, but I can fiddle with a guitar pick.
Does that count for anything at all? Plus I'm not very tall.
I just keep sounding worse, time for a new verse.
A whell thought out post, you are a good blog host.
Keep up the good reads, as I hope to keep reading your feeds.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Great thought HFF. Love the imagery of dancing (even though I am a white boy who can't). Thanks for joining us.

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