19 March 2014

reminding myself to breathe

my nights swirl with dreams
I wake often 
listen to the worship music that fills the room
stretch, pray, turn to snuggle close
to the one rests peacefully beside me

I remind myself
inhale truth
exhale love

my days scatter
with emails, phone calls
calendars and spread sheets
tracking financial support
scheduling speaking, sharing times

I remind myself
inhale courage
exhale faith

none of this is a big deal
for the One Who 
holds all things in His hand
He has this
He has me
He has us all

God answered Moses, 
“So, do you think I can’t take care of you? 
You’ll see soon enough 
whether what I say happens for you or not.” 

walking with Emily loved in our imperfection



enthusiastically, dawn said...

Just a beautiful, write. It breathes prayer. Lovely. ;)

elizabeth said...

Beautiful post on not worrying and fretting, but truly trusting God.

The Hubs and I just spent two days away at the beach. I thought why can't we always have a "vacation mindset" where we live in and enjoy the now and refuse to fret and worry. If we can do it when we're out of town, surely we can do it in our daily life.

Mommy Emily said...

oh friend, praying the funds come in, and loving the way you're exhaling faith... XO

Denise said...

Very beautiful.

Angel said...

I know it's true, "He has this." And I am still learning how to breathe.