20 March 2014


My prayer has long been
Lord help me be willing to be willing
to go when You say go
and I believe that pleases Him
but He reminds me
will you also be willing to stay
when I say stay?

I tune my ears to the Spirit
wanting the voice of my Shepherd
to ring louder
than any other

before sleep the other night
I saw a large metal anchor
I sensed God telling me to set my anchor in Him
if I set it in the ground, I am fixed in place
anchored in Him I can move where He moves

so this morning, pen in hand
I asked Him if He had more to share

Grounded in Me isn't static
but it is stable
the safest place
there is more freedom
more joy, more peace
When I move, you follow
and I remain your base of support
Yes, drop your anchor here
from your heart to Mine

What comfort this brings me
to know that even as I go, I can stay
in Him, and He in me

jamming with Bonnie



Trudy said...

Sometimes it's hard to know whether He is telling us to go or to stay, isn't it? I love your example of an anchor. If He is our base of support, we will follow when He moves. Awesome! I, too, long for "the voice of my Shepherd to ring louder than any other." Thank you, Karin!

Jody Lee Collins said...

My word for the year is 'anchor' (see my FB page :-). You expressed my heart, too. You are a good Holy Spirit listener!

Denise said...


Mandy said...

"Wanting the voice of my shepherd," how beautiful! Yes, that.

Renee said...

When we listen in obedience, joy abounds! Discerning the Shepherd's voice.......god bless.

Anonymous said...

relate to the Lord