04 March 2014

gift multiplied

I have shared previously about a unique way the Lord has of getting my attention:
Some years ago, I began to hear a quiet, gentle, metallic tinkling sound like wind chimes. This could happen anywhere, and there were no chimes present. After the chimes I would sense a thought from God, a short word of comfort, encouragement or direction. This happened so often that I began to realize that He had gifted me with the sound of chimes as a sign that He wanted to speak to me, so each time I head them I would become silent and still, waiting in faith for Him to speak. He never disappointed me. 
The acoustic neuroma on my left side has left me with profound tinnitus, a ringing, roaring, whooshing noise that combines with hearing loss in that ear.

In the stillness of this morning's first light, I opened my journal and my heart to commune with Him:

The ringing in my ears is constant now and can distract me if I allow it and it occurred to me this morning that it might be blocking the sound of chimes You gave to me to capture my attention - but I sensed You wanting me to know it is a multiplication of the gift

Yes, you listen well
when you tune your inner ears
the ringing is ever present
as I Am ever present
always ready to speak
to one who is ready to hear

What seems a human imperfection
can work to our advantage little one
though it is harder for you
to hear the words of man
it stands as no barrier
to hearing My voice

and who's words do you need?



Elizabeth Dianne said...

Oh this is such a happy and uplifting post--I love everything about it!

And the title--perfection--yes, a gift multiplied--I have a feeling your optimism is a gift multiplied too--what a great, great attitude towards what good be considered by some to be a negative in your life.

Denise said...

Really, really like this post.