07 March 2014


closer, ever closer
to the heart of God
this is where I journey
during these days of awe
these days of His sacrifice

with every breath He drew
He knew what lay ahead
and He knows still
for you, for me
for those He calls His own

He knows where we will step
and where we will fall
holds out a helping hand
to right us again
but we have to reach back

how often are we too proud
or too ashamed
to ask for and receive 
that assistance so freely given?

pride and shame
two sides of the same coin
that I have flipped, over and over 
for far too long
and I am weary of the weight
of carrying this idol
that turns my eyes away from
all I truly want to see
leading me to walk alone
in the illusion of my own strength

enough, my heart declares
enough, my spirit cries on its knees
allowing true repentance to fall
blending bitter into tears

strip me
let nothing come before You
as I journey to Your cross
that I may be forever Yours
when I behold the empty grave

Love God, your God, 
with your whole heart: 
love him with all that’s in you, 
love him with all you've got!

jamming with Bonnie



Trudy said...

Thank you for this heart-stirring poem, Karin! I pray it with you - "strip me; let nothing come before You!"

Anonymous said...

just stopped by to say.... howdy!

Denise said...

Bless you for this.