18 August 2011

His pen?

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Each word thought of, shaped, captured
set in place upon the screen
or on paper, with caught breath
is another leap
a surrendering of fear
will I honour
or misrepresent
my Lord?

Each prayer thought of, shaped, captured
declared into the heavens
or the stillness, with caught breath
a small step
a surrendering of my "self"
Do I ask for my will
here, or what will glorify
His name?

The cry of my heart is to be a simple tool, a pen in His hand. I am gathering like minded artists for a series of guest posts about the experience of writing for Him.

Stay tuned!  If you are interested in taking part, please ask!

Jamming with Bonnie (and Billy!) this week about Small acts of faith

Joining Emily and the rest who spill imperfected words

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Beth Werner Lee said...

Thank you for being brave, writing poetry out into blogoshpere space. I'd like to hear if not join (because I'm so new at blogging) the writing for God discussion.

Lisa notes... said...

You have an incredible gift with words and I'm glad you are participating in all the places you do to share that gift. God is glorified through your pen.

Linda said...

I'd love to take part in posting about writing for God. I've already posted a couple of times about this at my memoir blog.

May God be honored in it all!


Glynn said...

I write, but I don't think I write with a conscious awareness that I'm writing for Him. Sometimes it comes out that way, but I don't write with that obvious awareness. It's more subtle, infinitely more subtle, as if the words and thoughts have been molded and shaped over a period of time and then they come out when the time is right.

Unknown said...

This is definitely interesting. Thank you for the poem and the thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this, Karin. Beautiful poem to kick it off too. Thank you.

Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

...The cry of my heart is to be a simple tool, a pen in His hand.

This is the cry of mine, too~


Irene said...

I'd like to participate, I'd love to write for His glory. :-)

You have a wonderful poem here. Thank you for the inspiration. God bless! :-)


Mommy Emily said...

will I honour
or misrepresent
my Lord?

oh, how this convicted me this morning. thank you, dear karin.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful expression of the heart of one who writes in His name. I think I do so best when I say a simple prayer and just trust Him to write through me. I love stopping by here...always a blessing. Melinda