03 August 2011

Birthday word

I took my hot coffee to what I call my "Jesus chair" with anticipation this morning, opening my journal to wait for what He would share with me, on this my fifty-fifth birthday.  I knew that I would be receiving words of blessings from friends near and far, but I wanted to receive His words first.

Fifty-five years have you wandered in this world, child, and none of them out of My sight.  When you did not know Me, I knew you, watched you, waited for you.

My Father formed you to belong to Me and what a blessed homecoming it was when you turned and saw Me at last and I was free to gather you in.

It was then, little one, that I imparted My heart in you.  A heart that bled and still bleeds for those who are lost.

I have given you eyes to see pain - take it as a gift to be used for My glory.

There will yet be a greater scattering, and your heart will break with mine.

But, We will gather.  This is what you were created for, to love Me, know Me, speak of Me and love as I love.

Fifty-five years are but a flash when eternity waits.  Take these moments.  Love well.

On this, your birthday, I and My Father and My Spirit agree as One:

"This is good.  Yes, good indeed."

Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.
Genesis 1:31a NKJV


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Karin. :) So glad He loves and watches over faithfully. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Campbell said...

Happy belated birthday! Grace, grace! May you be saturated in His love and mercy and marvelous grace. Blessings. :)