29 July 2010

Pleasantly random and disturbed

The flower you see here is Canada thistle. It is a living example of the process of multiplication. Where you see one, you will soon see thousands. then tens of thousands, and in following years, hundreds and thousands of thousands. Thistles are invasive weeds, pests, like mosquitoes, but such a lovely purple colour. I mention them here for no other reason than it's Thursday and I'm pleasant and random and disturbed again.

Thursdays come quickly
they go quickly
all days are flying by

Do you know if you break up your lines of prose it looks and often sounds like poetry. Is that all there is to it?

I frequently think in fragments,
pieces not neccessarily shattered,
yet broken.
I believe this may be part of God's grand design:

We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete. But when the Complete arrives, our incompletes will be canceled. 1 Corinthians 9-10 The Message

Yes, there is a longing in me for that completeness, the perfection that will cancel all my imperfections.

I have had some issues with vertigo this week and eyes that do not want to focus, and somehow I know that my flesh does not want to see things my spirit already knows.

Perhaps out of dislike for the old phrase "dizzy broad" I prefer to use the word "woozey", but most often I simply say that I'm spinny. My husband laughs and smiles.. should I be offended?

Random poll for the day then:

Which word do you prefer - dizzy, woozey or spinny?

Leave your answer in the comments below. You will not win a prize but I'll love you anyway.

Come on over to Duane Scott's Scribing the Journey for more random explorations.


Wendy said...

Okay, I have to say that even though they are weeds, I love the way thistles look. I blame my Scottish heritage.

And how about being called a flibbitygibbet?

Glynn said...

Woozey has the implication of being under the influence. I've heard both "dizzy" and "ditzy" used with that other word I won't mention but you can. "SpinnY' is a new one. How about "vertically impaired?"

S. Etole said...

or as my friend says, "loopy" ...

Claudia said...

..had to look up all three of them - cause i'm german...but i'd prefer dizzy..
and - the weed - flower pic is beautiful!

HisFireFly said...

Flibbitygibbit sounds like the noise in my brain...

Vertically impaired might imply being "short"

Loopy is a very good word

Dizzy has an old song running through my "dizzy.. I'm so dizzy my head is spinning"

Duane Scott said...

Oh... where to start?

First of all. You should write poetry! Seriously! You're good. :)

And second, I like woozey. It reminds me of when I wake up from a nap.

And I'm glad you'll love me anyway. Because that was totally going to depress me if you didn't.

Unknown said...

I chooze woozey becuz it sounds like one of the Teletubbies...sorry
I was a little dizzy there!

Helen said...

I thought the flower was lovely.

I say dizzy. My family says "loopy" when we mean someone is acting oddly.

Anonymous said...

I experienced vertigo for many years because of fluid in the inner ear. Now taking a med for that and it has worked wonderfully. I like to call myself Dizzy Issy.

Sandra Heska King said...

I like spinny. I've also heard of tipsy. But airheaded might describe me . . .

We call those bull thistles. But the burro ate them. I don't think the bull did.eted