01 July 2010

Random, disturbed but pleasant...

Moths are not butterflies, but often look like them.

Americans are not Canadians, but do look quite similar.

Today is July 1st - known here as Canada Day.  It is Canada's 143rd birthday but I did not bake a cake.

Today is July 1st - also known as the day I permanently moved to Canada.  That was in 2000.  It my 10th birthday in Canada and I did not bake a cake, although 10 candles would fit more easily than 143.

I did not officially become a citizen of Canada till several years later.
I am also still a U.S. citizen.  Does that make me both a moth and a butterfly?

Our money is much more colourful (yes, we add u's in the middle of our words, like the British) than what is printed in the States, and we do not have $1.00 bills.
We do have a $1.00 coin with a loon on one side - this is called a "loonie"
We also have a $2.00 coin called... wait for it.... a "two-nie" which carries a picture of a polar bear.

Yes, we have polar bears in Canada, but I've never gone North to see them.
I do however often see deer, coyotes, martens, jack-rabbits, foxes and various other critters in my yard.

Today I expect I might see some of these as we spend the day in our nearby National Park:

and we might see some of these:

or we might just see crows, which I would indeed find disturbing!

Now, for a bit of local flavour -- our Provincial animal is the bison.  Bison are very large and can produce quite lean and tasty hamburgers.  Try one sometime.

And if you know any Canadians, wish them a happy birthday, eh?

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Duane Scott said...

You are so Canadian. And I do like the way your money is more colourful. On the other hand, when I was in Canada, I called the "loonie"the "big coin" because loonie is just a dumb name and made me feel tinier than the average syrup slurping, hockey player Canadian.

Happy Birthday!

Sandra Heska King said...

What a great post! Random. But not especially. Randomly connected. And I learned cool stuff.

Shark Bait said...

I like Canadians.

They are just like Americans, except they know how to spell. :-)

Have a random day.

Lisa Lehmann @StudioJewel said...

i WILL say you are one of the VERY few Canadians that I like. I had a very bad experience with one that kinda ruined the whole lot of you for me :)

But as God is gracious and forgiving, I can try to be too!

Happy Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Canada sounds interesting. However, I'm happy here in the Republic of Texas, where we don't waste our time with unnecessary vowels. :D