07 July 2010

A place of rest

In late 2007 Rick and I went to Kampala, Uganda to be part of a Global build team for Watoto Childcare Ministries. Neither of us had ever travelled such a distance. After an 8 hour overnight flight from Toronto to London and a 12 hour wait, we were on our final leg, another 8 hour overnight flight, from London to Entebbe. I had not slept since leaving home, and restlessly envied Rick's ability to sleep.

I was feeling quite sick and tired but still unable to sleep. I was turned a bit sideways and leaned into the seat, trying to imagine myself finding God’s chest for comfort. I sensed He wanted me to stretch myself full out upon Him, for I was very small compared to His greatness, so I turned again, leaning straight back into my seat.

The word He gave to me was:

I will hold you and I will heal you. As you lay upon my chest, in My arms you will find rest

What I felt and pictured was His arms around me - one hand washing me and the other anointing wounds with oil. I wanted to know what I was being anointed for but instead surrendered and said:

"I don't need to know, as long as You know."

The word and vision carried me through the ordeal of jet lag and illness, teaching me that rest, true rest, is found only in Him.

This was written as a part of Ann Voskamp's Walk With Him Wednesday


Missie said...

What a beautiful post, thank you!

Glynn said...

Great post - and a great photo.

you gotta wonder said...

Yes! Just what I needed.

Duane Scott said...

Awesome post and great picture! That little kid is so cute. :)

Susanne Barrett said...

Beautiful post and beautiful photo. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I really enjoy yours, too.

God's blessings be upon you, now and always,