16 July 2010

Favourite Links Friday - 16 july 2010

While my brain and heart are at work processing various things, I'm taking a moment to use this space to point you in the direction of words by writers that moved me this week.

Billy CoffeyMy Daughter’s Fingernails
Bridget Chumbley - One Word at a Time Carnival – Summer
Don MillerHello My Name is Lucy Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
Cassandra FrearMoonboat CafĂ© – On the Path
Kevin MartineauShooting the Breeze LeBron James and the Pursuit of Happiness

A big shout out to Kevin for all he does to encourage, support and promote fellow bloggers.. and.. he’s Canadian, eh?

Stop by his place to read the links that others have shared today at Favourite Links Friday

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Kevin said...

Thanks for participating in Favourite Links Friday and for including me in your post. :)