21 July 2010

Cultivating stillness

Desiring to press in, draw close and learn to hear the beat of my Lord's heart, I asked Him:

Lord, what means have I used to effectively still myself? What methods would You like me to cultivate?

His reply:

When you follow Me, walking in My footsteps, your path is easy, isn’t it? Your feet seem small compared to Mine when you follow as a child. We can move almost effortlessly together this way. But when you get distracted by something and turn away, I do not remain stagnant, I am still moving, and when you turn your focus back to Me, you find that I have moved on ahead and you have to run to catch me. This is more tiring for you.

I am glad you are learning to keep the eyes of your heart and spirit focused and fixed on me. I am most thrilled at the moments we can walk side by side, in step, when you let Me hold gently your hand.

You have tried to force stillness upon yourself instead of simply letting it come. Worship and let go. Sing to Me. I love to hear the words that come when you simply allow them to, with melody comes the unbroken flow, when you stop thinking, stop judging, stop trying. Yes, you sing your way into My presence and your words of love touch my heart so. Your song is a way of emptying yourself of all that burdens you, and can bring you to a place of stillness and calm, the empty vessel that I can fill.

Does it sound silly to you that you should do something active like sing to become still? Perhaps, but My ways are not your ways, My ways are beyond your rational understanding. Yes, maybe you can try to dance into stillness, for that also is worship unto Me.

If you let Me, I can show you many new ways of thinking and all the boxes you build will come crashing down. I never intended for you to live in box, but in freedom with Me.

Posted as part of Ann Voskamp's Walk With Him Wednesday Currently looking at The Spiritual Practice of Listening and Hearing God.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing what God is speaking into your life. It rings true for so many of us.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

This is beautiful, Karin. I don't want to run to have to catch up. I want to walk beside him, in step.

thank you

Daughter of the KING said...

What a beautiful post! The gentle words of a loving Father!

Linda J

Anonymous said...

Loved this today. I also want to listen on my own terms. Jesus always asks us to come to him on his terms, though.

Gretchen said...

Cultivating Stillness-- reread it several times.... boxes are more prevalent than I would like to think.

Sandra Heska King said...

"You have tried to force stillness upon yourself instead of simply letting it come."

Ohhhh . . .

Janet Sketchley said...

Let the stillness come!

Thanks for sharing this.