06 September 2008

No Words?

I've been back home from holidays for almost a week and the time has simply rushed away from me. We have been blessed with abundant harvest from our vegetable garden which leaves me busy canning and freezing. September is always a busy time at work with the annual Alzheimer Coffee Break taking place. Next week I host a gathering for our Women's Ministries group here and have cleaning and prep work to do after being away. I also have much studying left to do to complete my curent course by the end of this month. (Okay, take a breath.)

My class is called Naturally Supernatural and it is all about learning how to abide in Christ, and in the midst of all the hurry, hurry, Jesus is telling me what He desires is for me to simply rest in Him. What an amazing idea! In fact, it's my heart's desire too. All I have wanted to do is just snuggle up with Jesus in my Father's arms. When I give time to that pursuit, He seems to multiply the remaining time so I can accomplish all that is set before me.

Yesterday I was working on a journaling session for class where I was to ask the Lord what His vision for my life was. One of the things He clearly said was "You will hear My words and you will speak My words, both with your tongue and with your pen. Boldness will be there for you to draw upon when I call you to speak hard truths. Love will be available for you to share when the oil of healing is needed."

Funny thing is, I haven't been able to write since....

I think I'll go rest and listen.

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