19 September 2008

Learning to abide - Part 1

I have just completed a paper for my Naturally Supernatural course at Christian Leadership University on truths I learned from Andrew Murray's book Abide In Christ. It is somewhat lengthy, so I shall share it in parts.

When I refer to journaling session, note that the words in regular type are mine and the words in italics are those I sense the Lord saying back to me.

I have been learning to seek the Lord at all times, for all things, so while I was preparing to begin this paper, I had the following journaling session:

“Lord God, I have just finished reading Abide In Christ and now my assignment is to write a paper about the truths I have learned and how they have impacted my life. I ask Lord God which revelations and truths You would have me focus on. How would You like me to write this paper?

I see us sitting together on a leather sofa, like friends who have just completed the same book and want to share their thoughts. Then I see You patting the seat right next to You, calling me to come closer.

Yes, I am saying “Rest”. Come closer, perhaps closer than ever before, closer than what would feel comfortable to natural man. “How close?” you ask. Where skin is no boundary, flesh no barrier. I am calling you to step into Me. There you can and do abide, if only you believe it to be so. Faith is key here, little one, believing it is so. “Against all odds, He still loves me” is what you are thinking, and love you I do. Can you find rest in that? Can you find peace in that? Joy?
Come to a place of belief, even when you do not understand. Just like your earthly parents spoke when you were a child, as My child there are some things you must believe simply because “I said so”
You have the right to abide in Me. My invitation is for you now, not for some future time of perfection. You can’t find perfection without that abiding, no matter how long you struggle. It will only be found in surrender, for in abiding you are who I Am, and I Am perfect.
I Am not too lofty a goal. You can attain Me for I Myself call to you, reach to you and bring you to Myself. Yes, into Myself. And as I absorb you, so you also absorb all that I Am. That is life – spirit to Spirit. Let Me be glorified in you.

There were many truths that touched me and changed me, some in ways I likely do not yet perceive. I felt that so much was being poured into me that I could not contain it all. I had a sense of over fullness, a sense of overflow. I have been trying to relate what I am learning to those around me, praying that God would be glorified through my words, but others are having difficulty understanding what I’m trying to share. It seems that without time spent with the Holy Spirit revealing these truths they are almost impossible to grasp.

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sailorcross said...

Absolutely awesome post!! I know that feeling of fullness. One Sunday in church, we were singing "Take My Life". I fell to my knees and just huddled up in a little ball, crying....I just felt like I couldn't get close enough. The people on either side of me knelt beside me, and they started crying, too.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, comforting me. But, when I told others about this, I was told that no one had their hand on my shoulder. That is the closest I have ever felt to God, kneeling there in church. It didn't matter to me what other people said....I just knew I had to kneel in submission and surrender to Him.