18 September 2008

Word Art

My friend Beth at warmHarte and The Power of Your Love posted a "wordle" on her sight and it was so lovely I had to try it myself.

This was created from the words in an assignment I wrote about what it means for me to live in Christ.
Try creating your own word art at wordle. Be blessed and please share!

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sailorcross said...

Another beautiful "wordle". I printed one I made this morning from my Thankful Thursday post that I did today, took it to work and gave it to a friend. She thought I was very talented!! I told her that I really didn't do a thing--just pasted in some text and clicked on "Go", and that's it.

I really think we need to make a "Wordle Blog". It would be so much fun!!

I'm trying to talk my friend into joining us on "The Power of Your Love". She's read both your and my posts, and said that she couldn't compete with us. I told her that this is no competition, no way whatsoever. Just typing what you're thinking and feeling.

Hopefully, I can talk her into this because she has a lot to offer--she led ME to Christ, and that took some doing!

I heard from Aunt Kathy--she'll be posting soon. Tiffanie just had a baby a week ago, so she's a little tired at the moment--but she'll be along!