13 September 2008

Celebrating my husband!

This is Day 6 of my comittment to the 30-Day Encourage Your Husband Challenge and I have enjoyed asking the Lord to give me new words to speak life into my beloved. In the process I am finding more and more reasons to appreciate him as the man God created him to be.

For Rick's part, I believe he is beginning to think of himself in new ways too. If I can help him see himself through God's eyes, then I will have accomplished what I have been called to do.

Today, I rejoice in Rick's ability to capture life on film (or these days, should I say, in digital images). His talent creates a permanent visual record of our journey through this world and his unique way of perceiving it.
God knows exactly what He is doing when he joins two people together. He knows what skills and abilities He has placed in each, and how together two can be more than the sum of one plus one. My prayer is that as Rick and I continue to grow closer to Christ and to each other, our lives will glorify our God.

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