08 January 2010

Fingerprint Friday - Promises

Outside my door
The world is white with shades of gray.
Silence broken only by the cries of a howling wind.
God pulled a blanket of snow over the land
Tucking it in for a long winter’s rest
A covering that will remain until He awakens Spring

The days are short the air cold enough to shatter.
White with shades of gray.

Seed cataloguesImage by Si Wilson via Flickr

Yet in the mail each day arrive messages from the Master
Hidden in seed catalogs bursting with colour
Promises of life and riotous joy
His fingerprints mark us with hope.

Join Beki at The Rusted Chain for Fingerprint Friday and share where you've seen God's fingerprints.


AnnaBoydCreations said...

Very nicely said.

artsyclay said...

In the bleak midwinter, I just bought a sprouting jar today so I can have perpetual springtime with green things growing in my kitchen!

Snowcatcher said...

What a GREAT Fingerprint! That is the perfect way to lift your spirits when it's so cold outside! Thanks for sharing!

rentz said...

Beautiful post. I'm so looking forward to spring and planting too.

Kelly said...

Very nice. A very timely reminder for me. We are in a bit of a winter right now...I can't wait to see the spring (both figuratively and literally.)

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