19 January 2010

Where's HisFireFly?

I've been running around town today and not at the keyboard much.

But I have been flitting about in cyberspace. Please come see me flicker at the following places today:

I'm talking marriage at Exemplify Online.

Forgive or stay mad?

“Don’t talk to me now. I’m still mad at you.”
How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said it
Click here to read the article.

I'm also guest blogging at Peter Pollock's Rediscovering the Church

I sensed the Lord saying “Don’t you realize the world is watching? When your fingers type, your tongue speaks”
Click here to read the post.

After I catch my breath I'll be back to share more about what the Lord's been saying the past few days.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Look at you!

Spreading words
and love
and the Word
all over like a flitting
all lit up

God bless you, sister. Keep at it. Keep those fingers flying at the keyboard. Your words move people.

Shelby said...

I LOVED your Exemplify post and now I"m off to read the other one.

"Typing light into the darkness..." Wow. Convicted.

You go!

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