17 July 2013

laying it down again

Sunday morning I woke earlier than necessary
I lazed in bed while Rick slept, my mind wandering free
cycling through visions of my home, friends, comfortable life
and I pondered my decision to give it all up
for a faith based life on the mission field
"maybe I heard you wrong, Lord" my flesh whimpered
not quite willing to let go
the feeling lingered as we gathered with fellow believers
even into our time of corporate worship

I heard my voice joining in the following song:

A new song I will sing
An offering I bring
My life is for the glory of my King

My all I give to You
Lord do what You must do
My heart is Yours and Yours alone

All I have is Yours
Use me as You will
I lay my whole life down for You

and there, finding my way to my knees
I was broken, weeping
the words suddenly so very real, sharp, true
as again, I surrendered

walking with the broken redeemed at Emily's



E Adams Wright said...

Emily, thank you for sharing your struggles so honestly. Blessings to you.

Denise said...

Bless your dear, honest heart.

Unknown said...

We all need to be brought back to full surrender time and time again, don't you think! But whenever we are unfaithful, we have the blessed assurance that His faithfulness endures forever.
Blessings XX

Jody Lee Collins said...

Whether we're going on the mission field 'out there' or following Jesus right where we are, it's all a surrendering again.

Simply Beth said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. I agree with Mia, time to time we need to fully surrender again.
Beautiful words. I love that song!
Thank you for stopping by my place as well.

Unknown said...