22 July 2013

Traffic in July

It is Rock and Roll month at Tweetspeak Poetry.
The prompt last week was Blue Suede Shoes
"Pick a shoe and put it in a poem, with a little music on the side. 
Black heels. Brown loafers. Red sneakers. 
Okay, or those blue suede shoes. Rock us."

This is what poured forth:

Traffic in July

steam of summer
sizzled on concrete
sun kissed skin
sweat slicked hair
music throbbing
through open windows
bare feet tapping
rock jazz fusion
low spark of high
heeled boys
never too hot
to be cool

Go ahead and have a listen, the strains transport me back to the early 1970's, in a good way!


Denise said...

Fun post.

Mary said...

I really enjoyed "never too hot to be cool." That statement says it all.

Scarlet said...

True....what a cool and smooth jazz music, smiles ~

Brian Miller said...

ha. fun rhythm in this...and the allit works really well....summer sizzle concrete sun...love that bit...

Sharp Little Pencil said...

First time here, Firefly, and I loved this answer to the jazz prompt! Hey, any era will do, and Miles was rockin' the high heeled boots in those days. Love the sizzle - not just in the poem, but in the feel of the whole piece. Amy

Claudia said...

never too hot
to be cool...ha smiles...would work the other way round as well you know...smiles

Beachanny said...

Great music - I can hear it. Never too hot to be cool -- like it much!

Anonymous said...

Nice rhythm! I too liked the "never to cool to be hot".

brudberg said...

Cool jazz rock fusion... definitely something that would make me happy... Love King Crimson also...

Mystic_Mom said...

This is rockin' and cool. Nicely melded!