19 December 2012

See what shines...

Once again I am struck by the perfect timing of our God and the ways He chooses to confirm His words.

As I sat in the stillness before sunrise, journal in hand, He spoke:

Prepare for My coming
not merely with lights on a tree
but by allowing My light
to thrive in your heart
white hot
that others are warmed
by the intensity of its heat
Let testimonies of My faithfulness
be the ornaments you bear
and may all that glitters
glorify My name

A bit later, I read through my emails to fund this in an advent devotional from Bible Gateway:

We ask you, almighty God, let our souls enjoy this their desire, 
to be enkindled by your Spirit, that being filled as lamps by your divine gift, 
we may shine like burning lights 
before the presence of your Son Christ at his coming; 
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 
--The Gelasian Sacramentary

Joining Emily and the broken yet redeemed



jasonS said...

Nothing wrong with the decorations and "stuff" if we let it be a reminder of His love, light, and generosity. What a great reminder, Karin. Thank you for sharing it.

Eva said...

I agree with Jason. What a great reminder of his love. May it shine brightly and warm everyone around us.

Rev. Gerald Collins said...

Great reminder of the real reason for the season. I hope the true passionate light of Christ fills us all and transforms the world through His power.

Floyd said...

Amazing and comforting words spoken to you from our Father. May we live that life and Light every day of the year.

Thanks to you and Jason for linking it up.