01 December 2012

Composed of one thing only

The snow itself is lonely or, 
if you prefer, self-sufficient. 
There is no other time 
when the whole world 
seems composed of one thing 
and one thing only. 
Joseph Wood Krutch 

and in that one thing only
I am yet not alone
I am silent in the secret place
let it snow

Quiet in the stillness with Sandy

abiding with Cheryl



Pam said...

I love that thought. We are never completely alone...especially when the heart longs to share beauty. Love your photo too...

caryjo said...

Snow can be scary and irritating when trying to drive down the roads to work or run important errands... BUT when everything is closed off b/c of a nice snow storm, I love it! Perfect excuse to not go anywhere, do anything. [Know it doesn't work that way for everyone, but can't help but be a bit selfish re: my enjoyment. Once, the first winter when Dave and I were married, my teens were visiting a friend at night... and the storm hit. YIPPEE!! They ended up with a pile of other kids at someone else's house... and Dave and I had a very nice quiet alone night and day -- a short, unplanned honeymoon day. Snow can be good! ;-)]

Cheryl Smith said...

Snow covered earth does wonders for the soul, eh? Love this thought of abiding in the secret place, here. Right here on your post.

Cheryl Smith said...

And coming again, to the secret place, here, but also this morning before the Lord. TVC post coming soon. Thank you, friend, for continually pointing the way to Him.