22 December 2012

Prayer song

I needed to drive to town yesterday to share lunch and sweet time with a friend. My usual habit is to play worship music while I travel but for some reason I did not turn it on and began the trip surrounded by quiet.

Almost like prayer, this song came forth

In the stillness of this moment
find Me here
In the silence of this place
I Am here
In the stillness of this moment
in the silence of this place
sit a moment here beside Me
you can look upon My face
With you now and with you always
I Am here

inhaling a holy hush with Sandy

abiding with Cheryl



Lisa said...

Precious whispered prayer of simple assurance; the Spirit's gift to you :-)

Anonymous said...


Sylvia R said...

Beautiful, serene blessing. (sigh of peace)

Pam said...

Oh so Silent Night lovely! Thanks for sharing your moment of stillness... Christmas blessings to you!

caryjo said...

Silence is a lovely aspect... especially in our present-day world when noise of one kind or another is almost always invading us. I USUALLY play worship music when I'm driving out and about, and across the country, BUT sometimes I only keep it quiet and look out and listen. Truly filled with blessings.

Cheryl Smith said...

Beautiful. Who's it by?

HisFireFly said...

Cheryl, the song was from God, dropped into my spirit, released through my voice...

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, sigh...

Stilled by this.