14 July 2009

Robbing Him of glory?

Instead of trying to pretty this up, or change any part of the encounter, I will simply share a journaling session I had with the Lord yesterday.

"I don't know where I'm headed Lord and can only trust that You do. I seem to avoid doing those things I believe I should - writing and finishing my course. Do You know what I am afraid of? I know I have the ability to complete the tasks, for You gave me these abilities - so I know if I persevere I will not fail. Why then am I so afraid to succeed? Is it fear of what the next item on the list would be?

Lord God I want to be willing to do whatever You ask. Forgive me for any stubborn attitude that may still rage in me. Search me, show me the errors in my thinking, the rotten places in my heart."

"You're afraid of pride, little one, so afraid that you don't even want to draw near the edge of that pit. Can you see that if you don't accomplish anything you think you have no need to fear becoming prideful. Are you proud of Me? What I work in you and through you is to glorify Myself. If you don't allow My work to be made manifest in your life you actually rob Me of glory. I know this is not your intent is it? But it all becomes confused. I am healing you of your need for man's approval, but that does not mean you should not shine before man. Be MY glory, as My trophy."

"I so do not want to rob You, Lord, or disappoint You. Help me to be all that You created me to be, the work of Your hand and Your heart. Let me learn to boldly wear the stamp of the Master."

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you gotta wonder said...

Good one! Very much hitting home for me. There are 2 sides to robbing Him of His glory: 1) taking credit for His work & 2) not doing his work!

Great reminder.